December 04, 2021

Time server calibration time basic equipment

The new DNTS series GPS/Beidou education/government network time synchronization system is an integrated time synchronization device developed by Beijing Zhongxinchuang Technology Co., Ltd. for education/government network communication and other systems. The device features high precision synchronization, high performance punctuality, and ease of use.
According to the administrative level of the education/government network, the entire time synchronization system can be divided into provinces, cities, and counties (tiers can also be added according to actual needs), and PTP/NTP time servers are added to each network, which is a server and other equipment of the same level. And the lower layer PTP/NTP time server provides time service.
Equipped with primary and standby PTP/NTP time servers as a primary time server in the education/government network, which is the basis of the entire system, providing clock synchronization for network devices such as second-tier and other provincial routers, switches, and firewalls. To ensure time accuracy and security, the first-level PTP/NTP time server acquires the time from China's autonomously controlled Beidou satellite, and has the gong/jingzheng punctuality function. When the Beidou reference is invalid, the time server maintains internal self-preservation and continues. Provide time service for the entire network. At the same time, there are two servers, the main and standby, and the two are backups. When the main server fails, the slave device automatically obtains the time from the standby server.
Equipped with a PTP/NTP time server. The PTP/NTP time server obtains the time from the PTP/NTP time server, and provides time service for the county-level routers in the municipal district and city-level metro network equipment such as routers, switches, and firewalls in the city; the time server acquires the time from the upper-level time server. County-level routers, switches, firewalls and other county-level metropolitan area network equipment provide time services.
For common device applications, the NTP service can be adopted. The accuracy of NTP peer-to-peer synchronization is better than 10ms. For high-precision applications, PTP can be used. PTP point-to-point synchronization accuracy is better than 100ns.

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