December 03, 2021

Air compressor head cleaning method

Spring Festival is coming, air compressor has been used for 1 year. Air compressor in the use of up to one year, the internal formation of a lot of impurities, such as: grease, coke, sediment, rust, and even partially coking lubricant, therefore, the air compressor cleaning , Has become an important part of the air compressor New Year's work.

However, the factory has no professional air compressor technicians, how cleaning became a big problem. Therefore, users too lazy to go for cleaning. Long term, the air compressor internal impurities gradually accumulated, eventually leading to air compressor failure.

Today, teach you a quick way to clean the air compressor head, simple and easy to operate. However, due to a certain degree of danger, therefore, in the cleaning process, keep in mind safety measures.

Air compressor nose cleaning method

1, the first air compressor running a few minutes, the oil reaches room temperature;

2, turn off the compressor, and other internal pressure diarrhea, open the fuel cap, pour detergent, tighten the fuel cap;

3, open the air compressor operation for 30 minutes; let go of the old oil, and then add new oil.

4, after cleaning the air compressor temperature drop of at least 10 degrees.

If there is no relevant staff, please contact the professional staff to operate.

Air compressor head solution

1, check the oil level.

Start the air compressor, air compressor load, check the oil level, 3 points 2 or more for the normal level, but also do not add too much. Air compressor oil is too small, will lead to high temperature air compressor head;

2, check air compressor air filter.

The air compressor air filter removed, check the air filter. If the dust is more, you can consider using a low-pressure air gun blowing from the inside out. Part of the dust can be removed. But please pay attention to the pressure, to avoid air filter damage.

3, cooler

Blockage of air-cooled heat sinks can also cause high temperatures. As the air-cooled radiator is the principle of heat transfer heat. When the cooler is clogged, the heat transfer will drop. Lubricating oil can not reach the normal cooling effect, high oil temperature, air compressor temperature is also high.

4, fan

Fan is operating normally. Fan is an important part of the cooling system. Dust cover the fan surface will also affect the fan cooling effect. Fan failure, fan speed is slow. These circumstances, will lead to high temperature air compressor. Therefore, every time the air compressor maintenance, please check the fan.

Air compressor head high temperature problems, you can deal with these four aspects. Of course, there are other places that need to be checked. Such as: oil filter. However, due to the inspection of other accessories need to have some technology, tools, therefore, do not go into detail.

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