July 30, 2021

The refractometer works

The refractometer (refractometer) The sugar refractometer designed based on the principle of the ratio of the refractive index of the solution to the concentration can be used to directly determine the sugar content of the sugar-containing solution. Just place 2-3 drops of test solution on the mirror surface of the detection prism. The sugar refractometer is used for the rapid determination of the solubility of sugar-containing solutions and the density of fruit wines; it can also be used to measure other non-sugar sweetness or refractive index by conversion, which is sugar, food, beverage, brewing, agricultural research, textile and mining machinery, etc. The industry's essential testing equipment.

If you place a pencil with a glass of water, the tip will appear curved. Then if you place sugar water in a cup and try the same experiment, the tip of the pencil should appear even more curved. This is an example of the refractive index phenomenon. .

Refractometers use a novel optical system for practical use. The solubility of the test solution is measured by the conversion of the refractive index of the solution to its solubility. When the density of the material is increased (for example, when the sugar is When the water is dissolved, the solubility of the material increases, and its refractive index rises proportionately.

1. The refractometer uses a prism to hold a higher refractive index than the test solution; the solubility or refractive index of the test solution is measured by conversion.

2. When the test solution is weak, the refractive index of the test solution is higher than that of the prism, so the refraction angle is relatively large. 3. When the test solution is relatively strong, the refractive index of the test solution is lower than that of the prism. , so the angle of refraction is relatively small

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