October 16, 2019

Daily maintenance method of valve

Daily maintenance method of valve A valve is a device that controls the direction, pressure, and flow of a fluid in a fluid system. The valve is a device that allows the flow or stop of the medium (liquid, gas, powder) in the piping and equipment and can control its flow.

1, the valve storage environment should pay attention to, should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and block the two ends of the channel.

2. Install the valve after application and perform regular maintenance to ensure its normal operation.

3, should check the valve seal surface wear, and according to the situation for repair or replacement.

4. Check the trapezoidal thread wear of the valve stem and stem nut, whether the filler is out of date, etc., and perform the necessary replacement.

5. Test the sealing performance of the valve to ensure its performance.

6. The valves in operation should be in good condition. The bolts on the flanges and brackets are complete. The threads are not damaged and there is no loosening phenomenon.

7. If the handwheel is lost, it should be timely and not replaced with a live spanner.

8. If the valve is used in a harsh environment and is easily contaminated by rain, snow, dust, sand and other dirt, a protective cover should be installed on the valve stem.

13, the valve in operation, to avoid hitting it, or support heavy objects.

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Mainly used for flotation clean coal and other coal slime dewatering, solid-liquid separation and application of various suspension in metallurgy, chemical, oil and the environmental protection industry.

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P G 116 - 12





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