July 16, 2019

After the prologue opened, the joint venture era Dongfeng made a big independent strategy

In September, Sohu Automobile had the privilege of participating in the “Network Media Entering a Central Enterprise” organized by the SASAC, and the first stop went southward into Wuhan and into Dongfeng Motor. As a low-profile automobile company, the outside world may have more knowledge of the leading commercial vehicles. The external performance of the Dongfeng Motors, which has already broken through in the field of passenger vehicles, may still be too abstract.

In response, at the end of 2011, Dongfeng released its own plan. According to the plan, Dongfeng's self-owned brands, including commercial vehicles, will have sales of more than 3 million vehicles in 2016. Among them, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, Dongfeng’s own-brand passenger vehicles and other self-owned brand passenger vehicles Each completed 1 million sales target. Dongfeng’s leading position in the commercial vehicle market is beyond doubt. However, with the current development trend of independent brands in the automotive market, it is bold to throw such an ambitious goal. However, through close observation, it has been found that Dongfeng is old and not declining. On the stage of the post-joint venture era in China's auto industry, the curtain for Dongfeng Motor has already opened.

Looking back at history, as a company with more than 60 years of history, once witnessed and experienced the transformation of China's auto industry, the company behind the glorious scene is that Dongfeng, as the old state-owned enterprise, faces more unknown challenges. The crisis around 2000 made Dongfeng miss the initial stage of the development of passenger cars in China.

Founded in 1949, Dongfeng Motor was founded in Shiyan, which is a production company for military vehicles and off-road vehicles. In 1978, Dongfeng Corporation entered the field of civilian vehicles. From 1994 to 2000, Dongfeng Corporation entered the same difficulties as the national economic restructuring reform. During the period, the commercial vehicle market was declining and Dongfeng faced losses. According to Zhu Fushou, general manager of Dongfeng Corporation, “Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. had just turned around in 2000. At that time, we had 100,000 employees who needed to pay salaries, and 50,000 retirees needed to pay. It was very difficult for commercial vehicles to survive. Under the circumstances, it will be difficult for us to compete with new types of passenger car companies that have no burden."

At the same time, the domestic passenger car market has begun to gradually develop. The loss of the commercial vehicle market has no time to take into account. Until the situation began to improve in 2005, Dongfeng started to develop its own brand of passenger cars. In 2009, it launched the first Dongfeng. Fengshen S30 sedan, but compared to other companies, Dongfeng is still a step.

The temporary loss of self-owned brand passenger vehicles has become a pain in the east, but it has also determined the determination of Dongfeng to become autonomous. To this end, at the end of 2011, Dongfeng released its own brand “Dry” D300 plan. The overall goal is: By 2016, the total sales volume of Dongfeng's total self-owned brand will reach 3 million, including 1 million Dongfeng brand commercial vehicles, 1 million Dongfeng brand passenger cars, and other independent brands (including commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles) 100 10,000 cars.

In April 2013, Dongfeng re-sorted self-owned passenger vehicle brands from the height of top-level design. By planning the positioning of various sub-brands, the sub-brands were transformed from a competitive relationship to a large-scale collaborative relationship, forming Dongfeng Fengshen, Dongfeng Fengxing, and Dongfeng Demeanor. The overall layout.

In order to support the smooth realization of Dongfeng's own brand "Dragon" D300 plan, Dongfeng has focused on R&D investment in the past five years. Accumulated R&D expenditure was 18.7 billion yuan, and R&D spending alone reached 5.46 billion yuan in 2012. In terms of R&D teams, Dongfeng has a total of 46,660 people, of whom 4% are high-end, 1573 are people, and 12,625 people are in the middle. Dongfeng Company has 800 experts at the first level, 15 high-level overseas talents, and 81 people enjoying special allowances from the State Council.

After the carding was completed, the advantages of Dongfeng Motor gradually emerged and the rapid growth of the market became its recognition. The sales volume of Dongfeng Auto’s autonomous passenger vehicles includes sales of joint venture brands. The growth rate reached 66% in 2009, the growth rate reached 27% in 2011, and reached 26% in 2012. In 2012, Dongfeng’s own brand passenger vehicles reached 500,000 in total. station.

In overseas markets, by 2016, Dongfeng's own brand will achieve 300,000 overseas exports. At present, Dongfeng is planning to make its own brand overseas exports account for 10% of total sales in 2016, and strive to build 10 overseas strategic regional markets.

At this point, the contour of Dongfeng has become clearer.

“From the past two steam companies to the Dongfeng Group in the 1990s, it has become the east wind now facing the world. We should regard the century’s east wind as our goal, and we must open our own winds of development and emphasize the independent business.” — Zhu Fushou. The curtain opened and the east wind took the stage.

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