October 16, 2019

The impact of e-commerce on LED channels will be huge.

In 2014, more and more factories in the LED lighting industry jumped into the torrent of e-commerce, and opened flagship stores in the B2C e-commerce platform of Tmall and Jingdong. As a result, the competition of these e-commerce platforms is becoming increasingly fierce, advertising fees and activity resources. The price is rising all the time, the price war is getting more and more intense, discounts, 包邮, gifts and other promotional measures are endless, even if the loss is not too tired, for fear of falling off this fast train. Behind this chase, we have to go back and ask ourselves, what do you want? ! E-commerce is actually another parallel world. Like the traditional world, there are paid advertisements, sales channels, various audiences, market share that needs to be counted, and independent success or failure. The difference is that the traditional market With geospatial restrictions, e-commerce has little impact, so there is no essential difference between e-commerce and traditional markets. With the development of the Internet, the number of Internet users and the expansion of network coverage, this parallel world will become more and more like the traditional market. They must start from the positioning of consumers and products, trace the contacts, cultivate loyalty, and arrange consumption motivation. Lighting industry, there are many market segments such as home lighting, commercial lighting, light source, outdoor lighting, special lighting, etc. Each market segment has its own unique characteristics, so in the traditional channels, retail, wholesale, engineering three Sales characteristics are very significant. The characteristics of the market segments are different, and the e-commerce model suitable for them is also different. Currently, there are two types of e-commerce models suitable for enterprises, namely, B2C e-commerce and B2B e-commerce. The former is business-to-individual, and the latter is enterprise-to-business. B2C e-commerce is the direct sales of enterprises to end users. The needs of end-user groups are different. It may not be professional to the industry. Therefore, all the details must be done. Selection, art, promotion, copywriting, logistics, pre-sales and after-sales customer service. , customer management, product management, data analysis, etc., closely linked, interlocking, indispensable, only in this way, in order to create a good customer experience and word of mouth, sales can do well. B2B e-commerce, its customer base is mainly industry professionals, although the customer base is not as numerous as B2C, but usually in bulk purchase, the customer price is often very high, and there will be more repeated purchases, and since it is a professional It is very familiar and even proficient in all aspects of the product. The detailed level and aesthetic requirements of the product details are not as high as those of the B2C. Through real shooting, the customer can know whether they are looking for something, so the B2B e-commerce The focus is mainly on network promotion, which aims to establish contacts. Because the purchase amount is often large, and the price and delivery date are more important, it is often necessary to negotiate many times. Therefore, it is usually necessary to meet offline and offline. In the various segments of the lighting and lighting industry, the characteristics of home lighting and light source retailing are significant. The end users are mainly the owners of the country to be renovated. This user group is broad enough and is factory direct sales. It is much more favorable than buying at local lighting stores. Therefore, the B2C mall, represented by Tmall and Jingdong, has developed rapidly, and the following is the previous article, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce! Home lighting and light source, the wholesale characteristics are also very significant, so its B2B e-commerce model is also very good development, such as the online wholesale market represented by Alibaba, can be wholesale through the online wholesale market, directly to the ex-factory price Dealers and contractors, local distributors and contractors, do not have to go to the first-level dealers to purchase goods as before, thus saving a lot of intermediate links, getting very good prices, and even passively taking the initiative to become multiple The manufacturer’s guest, why not? It can be said that the B2B model has disintegrated the traditional distribution system to some extent! Also worth mentioning is the field of lighting accessories, there are many suppliers in this field, even if there are already very stable cooperation suppliers, but based on health procurement needs, buyers also need to reserve several suppliers, so through B2B online Looking for a reserve supplier in the wholesale market, you don't have to drill the accessories city all day, saving a lot of energy. Commercial lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting, engineering lighting, etc., the project attributes are significant, with a variety of solutions for selling points, such as shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, clothing stores, schools, offices and other places, there are lighting design standards, Lighting designers are often involved, with a variety of lighting fixtures, to design the ideal lighting solution, while engineering, through the number of participants, there are many factors affecting the project, manufacturers and engineering companies usually spend a lot of energy Chasing every potential project, by making a success story, to prove your strength, and then to fight for the next project, so these areas, currently not very suitable for e-commerce, still traditional sales public relations. From the above analysis, it can be seen that there are many market segments in the lighting and lighting industry, and the traditional channels are still the mainstream. However, e-commerce is constantly affecting the traditional industry of lighting and lighting. B2C, such as Tmall Jingdong, has its enormous energy. People's minds, B2B is also eroding traditional channels, and is gradually breaking the original layer distribution model. The original model of setting up branch offices in the country is being questioned. It can be seen that the influence of e-commerce on channels will be It will be huge.

A reaction turbine is a type of Steam Turbine that works on the principle that the rotor spins, as the name suggests, from a reaction force rather than an impact or impulse force.

In a reaction turbine there are no nozzles to direct the steam like in the impulse turbine.

Instead, the blades that project radially from the outer edge of the rotor are shaped and mounted so that the shape between the blades, created by the cross-section, create the shape of a nozzle.  These blades are mounted on the revolving part of the rotor and are called the moving blades.

The fixed blades, which are the same shape as the moving blades, are mounted to the outer casing where the rotor revolves and are set to guide the steam into the moving blades.  Below is a simple diagram of reaction turbine blades:

Reaction Turbine Principle:

In the case of reaction turbine, the moving blades of a turbine are shaped in such a way that the steam expands and drops in pressure as it passes through them. As a result of pressure decrease in the moving blade, a reaction force will be produced. This force will make the blades to rotate.


Reaction Turbine Working:

A reaction turbine has rows of fixed blades alternating with rows of moving blades. The steam expands first in the stationary or fixed blades where it gains some velocity as it drops in pressure. Then enters the moving blades where its direction of flow is changed thus producing an impulse force on the moving blades. In addition, however, the steam upon passing through the moving blades, again expands and further drops in pressure giving a reaction force to the blades.

This sequence is repeated as the steam passes through additional rows of fixed and moving blades.

Note that the steam pressure drops across both the fixed and the moving blades while the absolute velocity rises in the fixed blades and drops in the moving blades.

The distinguishing feature of the reaction turbine is the fact that the pressure does drop across the moving blades. In other words, there is a pressure difference between the inlet to the moving blades and the outlet from the moving blades.

Special Aspects of Reaction Turbines

  • There is a difference in pressure across the moving blades. The steam will, therefore, tend to leak around the periphery of the blades instead of passing through them. Hence the blade clearances as to maintain as minimum as possible.
  • Also, due to the pressure drop across the moving blades, an unbalanced thrust will be developed upon the rotor and some arrangement must be made to balance this.

Reaction Steam Turbine

Reaction Steam Turbine

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