March 04, 2021

Hot Tapping Machine Dk6-200c New Model

Model NO.: DK6-200C
Origin: Anqing, China
HS Code: 8467210000
Hot Tapping Machine Dk6-200c New Model

Features : 

* PMDC Motor without carbon brush,more reliable
* Motor protection level up to IP66
* Speeding adjustable 
* Small size, High power, High efficiency
* High temperature resistant
* Dust and water resistant 
* Long life, high safety
* New Special drill bit for Carbon Steel Pipe 

The technical parameters : 
Model DK6-200C
Tapping Diameter (mm) ¢ 80,100,150,200
Tapping Diameter (inch) ¢ 3'', 4'', 6'', 8''
Spindle speed (rpm) 730
Feed rate (mm/rev) ≤0.02
Motor power(kw) 220V- 3KW

The list of items in the box : 
S/N Description Qty
1 tapping machine 1
2 center drill 1
3 operation manual 1

The list of parts for DK6 ( sell in seperate)
S/N Name of Parts Nominal Diameter Note
1 Carbon Steel Drill Dg80 suitable for Carbon Steel Pipeline
2 Carbon Steel Drill Dg100
3 Carbon Steel Drill Dg150
4 Carbon Steel Drill Dg200
5 Carbon Steel Drill Dg300
6 Carbon Steel Drill Dg400
7 Carbon Steel Drill Dg500
8 Carbon Steel Drill Dg600
9 PVC drill Dg80 suitable for the tapping of PVC pipe
10 PVC drill Dg100
11 PVC drill Dg150
12 PVC drill Dg200
13 PVC drill Dg300
14 PVC drill Dg400
15 diameter adapter 80,100,150 DK6-200
16 300,400 DK6-400
17 500,600 DK6-600

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